"Learn from a professional, kid!"

I walked through the ice and snow over to WAMC studios to tape my mini-essay on Anglo-Saxon yuletide today. We’re not that far from the station, but with all the ice on the sidewalks I took my time (it was particularly bad by SUNY not just because of the frozen surface but because the surface was so uneven and ill-kept!). I got there and idled a few minutes, looking up at all the awards lining two walls of the studio as people buzzed busily around and the Roundtable crackled through the room. I met the producer, Andy, and we went into one of the little cubicle studios to record. He explained their procedure and I asked how close to be to the mic (at Saint Rose we tend to be right on top of them). I only had two pages so there wasn’t much paper shuffling. I read a few sentences to set the levels and then he pushed play and we were recording.

When it was through he looked kind of surprised. “That was great. It usually takes more than that.” I was tempted to say, “call me one-take Laity!” — instead I told him I do a podcast at Saint Rose (not to mention being a practiced performer of my own stories). Of course it was nice to be complimented, and I walked back to campus and my grading feeling cheered.

The piece is scheduled at present to appear on December 17 at 10.20 am (yes, you can listen on line). Nice birthday present, eh?

Today’s post takes its name from a piece of dialogue by Krusty the Clown in The Simpsons episode 1F12, “Lisa v. Malibu Stacy” [written by Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein] where the family’s precocious middle child tries to fight the corrupting power of an insipid fashion doll:

The next step is for Lisa to record what her doll will say. She stands in the recording studio in front of a microphone.

Techie: Talking doll, take eight.

Lisa: “When I get married, I’m keeping my own name.” Oh, no, that should probably be “If I choose to get married.”

Techie: Uh, look, little girl, we got other talking dollies to record today.

Krusty: [barging in with cue cards] All right, you poindexters, let’s get this right! One: “Hey, hey, kids, I’m Talking Krusty.” Two: “Hey, hey, here comes Slideshow Mel” — again — “Here comes Sideshow Mel”. “Sideshow Mel”. Three: [does a Krusty laugh] Budda-bing, budda-boom, I’m done. Learn from a professional, kid.
[walks out, squeals his tires away]


  1. Kate,If the broadcast is available in online format, you’ll provide us with link-o-liciousness, no?

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    Oui, monsieur! You can get it via streaming, but they will also be sending me a CD of the piece, so I assume I can upload it myself after the initial air date. Looks like it’s time to start “Wombat Radio”!

  3. You forgot to mention all the guest appearances you made on the old “Rock & Roll Radio” show at WHUS.;-)

  4. K. A. Laity says:

    Well, I didn’t want to brag 😉 Besides, I’m sure I was outshone by the comedy stylings of Gene-Gene the laugh track machine. We sure had a lot of fun cracking up you (and everyone else, I guess) on your show during the pledge drives. Although so many people called in during your show that we did have to do work, too.Yay, Perilous Cheryl!

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