Hudson Valley Writers Showcase 26 Jan 2018

My guests were Faith Green and Nancy Klepsch.

Low tech stream available at the WGXC archives (downloadable)

Hudson Valley Writers Showcase @WGXC

hvwg-logoHudson Valley Writers Showcase
Friday January 26, 2018
2-3 pm NY (7-8 pm UK)
WGXC Radio
Guests: Faith Green & Nancy Klepsch

This Friday I make my radio hosting debut! I know I’ve crashed other folks’ shows but this time I am taking the board myself (eek!). Thanks to the folks at WGXC for giving me a trial run. If they like it we’ll probably aim for quarterly shows.

WGXC is community radio and well known for its Wave Farm where experimental sound projects take place. You should check them out if you haven’t before. They broadcast events around the region like the Drone Fest at the Hudson Basilica.

I’m grateful for the support of the Hudson Valley Writers Guild, including President Faith Green volunteering to come on the show. And all the folks who attend 2nd Sunday @2 open mic in Troy will recognise co-host Nancy Klepsch who has a new poetry collection out. Tune in on 90.7 if you’re in the region or listen online.

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Prints & Punk Rock

Another zippy trip down to Connecticut to see my pals. Great to see Marko, Bilokur and of course the Queen of Everything, Stephanie Johnson. After all these year, I finally caught up with Peter Crowley, too! Can’t believe we’ve never actually been in the same place at the same time. Had a faboo time, Agent Cooper seemed to take the trip with ease — hurrah! Madly busy this ‘holiday’ week, so here’s a slide show of some of the fun, including the Punk Rock Jukebox, the city rooster, the print show and more. I came back with art and a smile!

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News, a Wish and BitchBuzz

Criminy: it’s December! How the time has flown by this semester, even though I haven’t been in class. My sympathies to my colleagues knee-deep in exams and grading. I know how it feels — and couldn’t be happier that I am not.

Sorry! But it’s true.


It’s a Curse: Drunk on the Moon, Book 7 by moi should be about tomorrow from Trestle Press. Thanks again to Mr B for inviting me to have fun playing with his werewolf PI, Roman Dalton. I hope I did him justice — it sure was fun 🙂 I will have a book trailer up soon: just waiting on the cover art.

I’ll be on the G-ZONE blog radio show, AKA Gelati’s Scoop tomorrow night to talk about It’s a Curse. You can listen live and call in, or listen to it later online. I’ll be on about 4.30 pm Eastern time, which is about 9.30 pm here.

I’m interviewed in the latest Broadly Speaking from Broad Universe which is about mentors and teachers in literature, so I talk about Owl Stretching and Pelzmantel a bit and my own teaching experiences a little bit.

Next Tuesday is my talk at the Moore Institute at NUIG. I keep thinking about trying to add a Guy Fawkes mask to their logo just for a lark, but I lack the requisite skills.

My column for BitchBuzz this week is on gifts that won’t steal your soul. Give something genuine if you’re gift-giving this holiday season.


It’s my birthday month, so I want to ask you for a gift. Nothing expensive — all it costs is a little of your time. I don’t need stuff: I spent some harried weeks this summer trying to get rid of a lot of my stuff. What I would really like is some attention: not for me, for my books. My wish is for any who have the time to “like” my books on Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, LibraryThing etc. and offer them reviews. They need not be elaborate; they need not be glowing. But books without reviews seem chancier to potential readers. No one wants to be the first to do something; they want to see that others have trod the path before them and it’s safe. So if you have a few spare moments, can you help out a fellow American who’s (okay, not really) down on her luck?


A new way to spread sound — well, newish. It’s been getting a boost, mostly via other social media outlets and DJs. Of course now that people like me are starting to use it, the DJs are looking for something new. Way to suck the cool out, eh?

My page at Soundcloud features things you might have heard before: a couple of the conceits and an early reading of “Rothko Red.” I got a new digital recorder, so I’m going to put more things up with luck a little more regularly. Maybe even some music…

Yes, still working on getting the Rome photos online. A good number added since you last looked. I’ll tell more about my adventures when I get a moment. Still catching up from being gone and working on a million and one things. Life may slow down a little by, oh let’s see — May?

Flash Vacation

After dropping Gene off at work Friday morning, I made a quick escape to Connecticut (I blame the midterm craziness!). I tore through the Berkshires in some thick fog, filling up on cheap gas. My first stop in Willimantic was to surprise Perilous Cheryl, but the surprise was on me. I stopped by her office and they told me she was out sick. I was just about to call her when the QoE called me and mentioned that The joey Zone had been sick, too, so I decided maybe I ought to leave them alone and let them rest and recuperate.

Instead I decided to annoy Marko at the Punk Rock Jukebox — hee hee! I got to pick the tracks from the Swill of the Day CD (so yes, blame me for “Rhinestone Cowboy”!), and to make him crack up on the air as well as distracting him so that he didn’t realise there were no songs cued to play next. Always willing to do my part to make things a shambles. The new WECS studio is swanky and huge. As always, I came away with some recommendations on new music to find.

The QoE arrived before the end of the show, so we both picked on poor Marko and then headed off to the pub for lunch. I was pleased to notice they had free (albeit s-l-o-w) wifi at the pub, yee ha! So I got to show off Ianto some more. This was when I discovered my nice new leather bag is so thick that it muffles the ringer on my phone. I didn’t realise that I had missed the calls from Miss Wendy until I got out my phone to take a picture of the Queen (but what a great picture, eh?).

Off to Miss Wendy’s next, who took me to services at her temple which were very welcoming and relaxed. They said a kaddish in remembrance of her father Norman, who was a very sweet man. After the service — which also had a young man reading who was becoming a Bar Mitzvah — we shared food and drink, including some really good chocolate chip cookies.

Next we were off to the Aloha Alcohula AKA the best damn tiki bar in Connecticut® for some Żubrówka and a variety of cheeses and other snacks. It was a girly night, although one without any nail painting or home perms (we did, however, talk about boys). You can see Wendy’s post for the possum update. We finally made our way back to Wendy’s, where she and I sat up for a bit longer chatting, finally going to bed sometime after 3, so no surprise we slept late Saturday and then watched movies.

All in all a very relaxing trip and much fun. There’s always time to steal a little vacation even in the middle of the semester.

Podcast: Dear Friend

Slouch on over to Radio Wombat for a new podcast, “Dear Friend.” Is this podcasting going to be a regular thing? It just might.