Happy Anniversary, Boojums!

How will the Boojums celebrate 17 years of wedded bliss?

5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Boojums!

  1. Unfortunately, the ‘great drunken band’ was the Royale Brothers who not only wanted more $$$ that night (resulting in a higher cover charge than normal), but gave us all a fine ‘f**k you’ by being far too drunk to be able to play even one song as a band…they all did fine solo performances on stage together… And you know I love this band.

  2. I disagree with the Queen!It was the first time I ever saw that band and loved them! So what if they drunk? If they were that good drunk, I can’t wait to see them sober!And I didn’t think the cover charge was that high. It was only $7! If a band is that popular and they fill the club, why shouldn’t they get more money?

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