I’ve decided the true story of my injury is very dull. I need suggestions of tales I might tell others, including my students whom I will be seeing tomorrow.

Any ideas?

The bruising is getting more colorful, as it tends to do. Will have to get another picture soon. Still no word on the x-rays, sigh.

Adding insult to injury: my essay on Tideland just got booted from the anthology it was supposed to appear in. Waah.


  1. Chuckie58 says:

    No diagnosis, yet!?!?!That’s horrible. Ligaments need to be repaired ASAP, or they are not repairable. At the very least, they should have you in some kind of restraint (for your foot, dear, nothing else).

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    😛 You wouldn’t be the first to suggest restraint to me…Welcome to my slow-moving health care system — at least I have one, I suppose.

  3. The Queen says:

    A story? Oooh, go for something so outrageous they'll believe it if you tell it deadpan.You could say….a bunch of international gangsters who trying to kidnap you in order to force you to write a revisionist biography of their rise to notoriety. You summoned all the spirits at your disposal, but as they were whisking you away to London for safety, the one named Budafingas dropped you & you landed awkwardly on one ankle, and perfectly gracefully on the other.Or tell them you were a pantomime horse and you were almost shot when you hurt your leg.

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