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Oooh, lookit the purty colors! Yes, the continuing saga of my ankle — how very dull. Well, according to the receptionist in the doctor’s office, I have a heel spur.


Well, yes, that makes sense and certainly explains the extensive bruising (not) as well as the persistent swelling (no, my leg is really not that fat normally). In any case, I have to call at exactly 8am tomorrow to get an appointment with the orthopedic doc. With luck I’ll get in tomorrow — if, that is, I can also get a copy of the x-rays to bring with me. The imaging place, however, says they cannot provide copies sooner than 24 hours after a request (made at about 4.30 this afternoon when my doctor finally called). It will be interesting to see what happens (by “interesting” of course, I mean painful, tedious and vexing).

Adding to the irritation, I found out that my essay on Gilliam’s Tideland has been bounced from the anthology it was accepted for last year. So it goes.


  1. Crispinus says:

    Heel spur? Say what? How does that account for your accident? Or the swelling?

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    I’m mystified. I will have a little more confidence in the ortho doc, but always cum grano, eh? At this point, I just don’t care.

  3. I’ve got spurs, that jingle-jangle-jingle.As I go riding merrily along…What?!

  4. Chuckie58 says:

    What a load of horse durvers. You win the bad doctors contest, hands down.

  5. The Queen says:

    I’m with Chuckie58 on that one- post your x-rays so WE can diagnose you! We obviously could do a better job of it.But I will say, that is a lovely blue cankle you have…

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