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  • 02:50 was pleased to see Ollie in Losey’s The Damned last night; but real star was Viveca Lindfors as sculptor Freya Nielsson (sculpts by Frink). #
  • 03:22 counts the hours left in her holiday and redoubles her efforts to be completely lazy — nigh on Teamster levels, we’re talking here! #

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  1. Todd Mason says:

    Well, of course…isn't Viveca Lindfors the only actor who runs throughout, so to speak? (Very faint memories of years ago.) And you'll need to join the Siblinghood if you wish to Unlax like a Teamster…nothing comfortable about scabbing.

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    Well, apart from not wanting to belong to any club that would have me as a member, there is the whole range of sartorial requirements that leave me reluctant as well.

  3. Todd Mason says:

    This kind of non-compliance cannot be tolerated, not even by Cool British New Labour as it labours on. Come home immediately for re-education…

  4. K. A. Laity says:

    So what's the first "re-education" film I get courtesy of a pal in Bristol? A link to some video of a creep on that nutjob Beck's show saying that Bin Laden bombing us is "our only chance" — can I go back now?

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