Back in Black

I lie — I’m wearing grey at present, but how could I miss the opportunity to put a bad AC/DC tune in your head (okay, it’s not that bad). Seems like LoudTwitter gave up the ghost the last couple days, so you missed fabulous tidbits like:

Kate Laity fell up steps Thameside, but did not drop her Magnum; gentleman who helped me up clearly impressed with my priorities. Slight bruising only.
Tue at 4:05am · via Twitter
[necessitating a link to explain which Magnum and the discovery that the camera appears to have been a casualty of the fall]


Kate Laity thinks it might take a crowbar to pry her away from London: yes, that is definitely needed. Waah! [included video thank you to all my pals in and about Britain]
Yesterday at 2:14am · via Twitter

and of course,

Kate Laity has returned to Albany where, ironically, it’s cold and rainy.
10 hours ago · via Twitter

There are some more pictures to put up (yes, including Kew Gardens, Joey!) and of course, lots to write about, but first I have a few practical things to do, such as making certain no bills went astray while I was gone and that there’s still enough money in my account, etc.

So — what did I miss?

[by the by, photo above from the tube station at Green Park]


  1. Todd Mason says:

    As Jon Stewart put it, even before half of the recent famous-people deaths had transpired, It seems that everyone who has ever meant anything to anyone has now died, and we are alone. A bit of an understatement (Don Coldsmith, RIP), given the impact on the culture of, say, Billy Mays, but nonetheless, you see what happens when you leave the country.As my morning office email inovlved, among other matters, Lewis Black (and his mentoring program for young artists), that pink bear of a man, AC/DC cannot be far from our thoughts. And last night's rather random selectiom of the Brazilian lawyer/crime drama MANDRAKE for viewing in its dubbed into Espanol glory (HBO Ole, no less) involved in part a transgender prostitute, with silicone breasts and "pelotas" as her or his comic-relief customer put it, who used as a street name Viveca Lindfors. And I'm listening to a TAKEAWAY (PRI) report of a New Jersey man who was mugged by a tax-free pink, or Black, bear…the bear knocked him down and stole his submarine sandwich. Thus the nest of coincindence accretes.Welcome home, Kate. Avoid the food-taxing bears, and most of the other kinds, too…

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    Wait, so my leaving caused the death of — among others — Ed McMahon? An awesome power that I should only use with care.Colbert was right about the bears, I guess, but who knew they were pink and tax-free (at least for tourists from abroad). The poster says nothing about the muggings, so I suspect this is all a clever ursine campaign to lure more tasty Europeans to their feeding grounds since they are full of rich butter fat from REAL chocolate Magnums, unlike the faux chocolate provided by the likes of Hershey.

  3. Karen Walker says:

    Welcome home. Re-entry can be challenging. Hope yours goes well. I'll be heading for Scotland and Ireland at the end of September. Can't wait.karen walker

  4. K. A. Laity says:

    Sounds wonderful, Karen. I hope you have a fabulous time (how can you not?). At least it ought not to be as hot as it has been in June.

  5. Enid Wilson says:

    Welcome back, K.A. I missed your post. Now do tell all the juicy gossip during your travel. Bargain with the Devil

  6. K. A. Laity says:

    LOL! Well, Enid, I will be posting in more detail about the trip but I don't know that I have much in the way of gossip. But I do have pictures! Some really lovely ones from Kew and a bunch from the Banksy exhibit. Will that do?

  7. Well, that was quite the sojourn. Welcome back. It was good to see your shining signature on my blog today. How long were you gone, and did you get everything accomplished there you wanted?Best regards, GalenImagineering Fiction Blog

  8. Welcome back, Kate. I missed your interesting posts.

  9. K. A. Laity says:

    Thanks, Galen and Patricia. I appreciate the welcome. I was gone a month — did I accomplish all I hoped to do? Nah, I always want more, but that's why you plan the next trip, right?

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