Publications: Plea, Professor and Provocateur

I thought I would have Bend Sinister read by today so I could write it up for Friday’s Forgotten Books (maybe I will later today), but at present I don’t and somehow I have decided that today is finally “Send out Queries for the Non-Fiction Project” Day, so there’s that.

In case you missed it, my piece “A Plea on Behalf of the Small Hat League” is up in the inaugural issue of State of Imagination. Do drop by and leave a comment. Some very entertaining pieces in the collection; I really like the cover, too.

I’m happy to announce that my faux Lear “There was  a Professor of English” will appear in an upcoming issue of Asinine Poetry. And I just got word from Beth Virtanen that my story “Provocateur” will appear in the forthcoming edition of the literary journal Kippis!, so hurrah.

UPDATE: My humorous piece, “Resolutions for Better Sex in 2011” went up on Thursday at Polite Company Magazine, but they neglected to tell me. So drop by and share.

I’m going to get the queries ready and listen to the Punk Rock Jukebox, so if you need entertainment, consider watching Sir Michael Caine do his impression of Dud: