The Little Video of Calm

In the midst of the mad swirl of our lives, we all need a little moment of calm. Lacking The Little Book of Calm, I try to conjure up soothing images of relaxing situations. Because I love mudlarking along the Thames, I took this video to remind me of those moments of calm.

Of course sometimes I try to relieve stress by simply doing very silly things. Recently YouTube introduced new programs where you can make animation of whatever you like. Yes, if this sounds rather like the video I made for the Women’s League of Ale Drinkers, well, it is very much like that. In an idle moment, I decided to animate the lyrics to The Fall’s “Dice Man” [based on the cult novel and NOT that crap ‘comedian’] and it looks like this:

Silly: but sometimes that’s just what you need, right? Well, sure — some people write poetry — but I seem to only be able to write asinine poetry. In the meanwhile, I find there is so little time, so much to do.