Good-bye, Kevin Ayers

(via Getty Images)
(via Getty Images)

I was distressed to hear on Twitter yesterday that Kevin Ayers had died. Marc Riley broke the news on Radio 6. As with any ‘celebrity’ death, it was interesting (in that detached way writers have) to see how and where the news spread across social media. When news of Richard Briers‘ death came, it was wonderful to see how nigh on universally he was loved. Ayers didn’t have the same level of fame, but it’s been gratifying to see how many friends thought fondly of him.

He was a unique performer with a laid back style who seemed to have little interest in the professional side of the music industry and as soon as he could manage it, went off to live in France where he could live as he pleased without attention. As the MOJO remembrance puts it:

Kevin Ayers possessed a voice like no other, intrinsically British and full of whimsy and mischief. This latter quality animated much of his life as well as his music.

But it’s the music that matters most. And we still have that, to inspire and to enjoy. Here are some of my faves: