Writer Wednesday: Postcard Fiction Contest Closed!


Writer Wednesday: Time is ElasticToday’s the last day of the postcard fiction contest. I’ll give it a couple of days to allow for the vagaries of postal delivery. Then I’ll assess the entries and choose a winner for the $25 prize. I’ll reveal the results next Wednesday, so you don’t have to wait too long. I think it’s fun to see how much you can fit into a small size writing space. It makes you get creative.

Even if you didn’t enter, consider writing a postcard to someone today. So much less intimidating than starting a letter (although letters are sweet to get). Need a prompt? How about this:

On a postcard (chosen at random — use an index card and draw a picture on it!) write about one of the earliest memories you have of your friend to whom you’re writing. It needn’t be anything momentous; just capture it in detail. Try to fill in as much sense memory as you can: what could you hear? Were there any particular fragrances you recall? How did it feel?

Double the joy: the pleasure of recalling that memory, then sharing it with your friend. Guaranteed smile once it arrives (unless your memory was that terrifying time you escaped the axe-wielding maniac, in which case I guess escaping was a good thing, right?).