Friday’s Forgotten Book: Lady Killer


LADY KILLER by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

Synopsis via Aunt Agatha’s:

Holding’s forte was the psychological suspense novel, and like our time’s Minette Walters and Ruth Rendell, she combines relentlessly deepening suspense with deep insight into character and trenchant social criticism. Her method was usually to focus on one character, writing in the third person but revealing only the perceptions, emotions and thoughts of one person.

She uses this device to devastating effect in Lady Killer, with its heroine Honey, a not so dumb blonde ex-chorus girl who, having traded her independence for security, is on a sea cruise honeymoon with her stuffy older husband, Weaver. But this putative gold digger soon discovers that the privileged classes can be even more callous than the lower, and that there are many more sharks on board than in the sea around them.

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