Finland: Cousins Gathering

Now that I’ve finally finished that one novel and sent it off — how lovely to type those two words, “The End”– I can get back to showing more pictures from my trip to Finland (and a million billion other things). Today it’s the day of the cousins gathering, which was great fun. I have to convince Bertie to come to the next one in 2015.

2013-08-03 11.27.47

Helka and Jussi consult on the booli

2013-08-03 11.27.14

The recipe for the welcoming punch is complicated and requires a lot of taste tests 😉

2013-08-03 11.27.55

Helvi and Sanni didn’t have to come too far; they were just next door.

2013-08-03 11.48.54

Soon the house is filling up; at first a lot of people were reluctant to try to speak English, but it soon turned out that everyone spoke better English than my poor Finnish.

2013-08-03 11.48.59

Lots of pictures taken: I hope to get some later to replace my simple camera photos.

2013-08-03 12.56.36

Helka orchestrated the events, from humorous speeches to a quick rundown of the family tree and more.

2013-08-03 13.38.12

Although the family originally springs from Kemi in Lapland, cousins have spread across Finland and the world, but many were able to come.

2013-08-03 13.38.31

We got sunburnt in Lapland drinking booli.

2013-08-03 18.27.01

Yes, there was kantele music! Marja played and sang beautifully. Sometimes she even got her daughters to join her. The concert kantele is a long way from my 5 and 10 string instruments.

2013-08-03 18.31.02

Everyone enjoyed the music. Quite a few sighs and tears; her rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was exquisite.

More to come: it was such a wonderful visit!

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