Bouncing Back from Bouchercon

Yes, it always takes a while to recover from a conference: luckily I had a visit to Brigadoon to ease me into it. The net effect of a big conference like Bouchercon is to remind me that I am a very tiny minnow swimming in an enormous ocean. On the bad days, that’s discouraging. On the good days, it brings out my competitiveness. So it goes. I got to meet a lot of folks I’ve known online forever and hang with some folks I don’t see much.

2013-09-18 21.08.21

Absolutely*Kate shows her amazement that we had to wait over an hour to get our drinks at City Beer Hall.

2013-09-20 08.26.17-1

The passing of the seal of office: awww! Outgoing SinC pres Hank Phillippi Ryan gives the seal to Laura DiSilverio.

2013-09-20 11.42.44

At last we meet! The fabulous Mollie Cox Bryan looking great.

2013-09-20 11.44.13

The Empire Plaza was a strange place to hold the con: the lack of a bar at a writers convention meant people didn’t hang around.

2013-09-20 13.05.41

There’s a wind tunnel under the edge of the Egg when it’s blowing. Small children were carried off by it.

2013-09-20 13.15.30

Luring people into the Weird Noir Carnival: we gave away copies of the book and the official Noir Carnival three card monty-ready deck.

2013-09-20 13.39.20

Jan Kozlowski reads from “Corkscrewed” in WEIRD NOIR

2013-09-20 13.43.16

Chris Irvin reads from “The Things We Leave Behind” in NOIR CARNIVAL

2013-09-20 21.04.48

Heather Graham wrangled a bunch of would-be rock star writers together for a big party at Red Square. A fun night out!

There’s more — once I can clear out the Dropbox enough to get the rest of the photos downloaded, like the Noir at the Bar reading. I was really glad to meet up with folks like Les Edgerton, Thomas Pluck, Vince Zandri, Helen Smith, Terrence McCauley and Rita, to see the mighty Joe Lansdale — and of course Debi and Jan were great to hang out with, especially in the quieter moments. Best panel, hands down — bad girls (of course). Ooh, and there should be a group photo of the Mavens of Mayhem dressed in the QoE‘s logo.

Perhaps someone took pictures of my panel…oh, wait. There is this one just after, but it’s missing Les.


6 thoughts on “Bouncing Back from Bouchercon

  1. Yowza! I turn to a Kate Laity blog post — because, Hey — it’s a Kate Laity wry well written blog post and she usually does this photo-montage thing when she adventures swell. Well Damn — there I am — not so much drink-thirsty as quenched in spirit of great folks goofin’ up one splendour of a good time (I too am uploading photos today — Folks, you ain’t seen nuttin’ til you see Kate Laity stretched out on her usual antique chaise lounge — she carries it with her everywhere. Wreaks havoc with the airlines – but we all know our Kate – she’s such a sweet-talker. Watch for it!

    Lady Laity captured mood and muse and constant movement (cue the wind tunnel) right on target, down to the where-the-heck-are-folks-going-to-be-drinking-tonight-and-how-will-I-know-if-I-found-them-or-missed-them? Yeah. It happens — but when it does, you never get caught in the same wind tunnel of missed opps — author and publishing and readers’folk there were just too damn cool to not want to be hangin’ with. (I took a Scarlett O’Hara early evening half-hour chill @ the Hampton, just to recharge for hitting the nights fantastic into how we closed up the only lively streets rockin’ Albanistic nights.

    TAKE A CLOSE LOOK at the photo where Kate placed 3 of her WEIRD NOIR cards — I went by that hallway to the panel rooms (great stuff jostling and jivin’ minds there) tons of times — when I caught her moxie at ‘appropriating’ the silver shelf space for ‘shelf-self-promotion’ a card was added. Yep. Mine. To the left — that brown and gold wonder is a genuine Absolutely*Kate promo card. Y’know – you pack a bunch of those things — thinkin’ you’re going to meet people you care to admire and those you just found you did who likewise wanta know more about the likes of you and your works — and then you look at the stack going into your 2nd suitcase (the one that goes in loading the little refrig and goes out loaded with books) — and you think you’ve got too much. Shucks, Kate Laity’s a pro at this — she was locked and loaded. As a rookie — I was runnin’ low after several hundred by Saturday morn.

    <b.Final frame — the "Where's Les?" at Kate’s rockin’ panel of hotshots? He found fans. Not even a promo-opp would pull Les from fans. The guy was waxin’ more eloquent than . . . well, the Barry Manilow tunes he kept hummin’ — Ask him. G’head — I dare you. (Uh, I wasn’t actually ‘on’ the panel — but pulled in assistant to the Attorney General of the state of NY to take a pic and — doggone it, I love those guys — so I jumped into the flair (flare???) of their fray. Thanks Todd Monahan – writing student by no-such-thing-as-a-coincidence of Les Edgerton’s in Albany.

    Small world?
    Big times when you’re hangin’ with Kate Laity and cool’ass company. Grateful Kate-full I am.

    ~ Absolutely

    Rats! I missed Mollie Cox Bryan — found Jan Kozlowski and Chris Irvin pretty dang cool and sat with Hank Phillipi Ryan at the Private Eye Writers’ Shamus Awards Banquet — It’s the people who make your Boucherconnoitering all its cracked up to be. You’ll see. (Missin’ debonair Jack Getze, wild Frank DeBase and Eeyore Josh Stallings big time.) Ask him — I dare you.

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