Orkney: Birsay

Only accessible at low tide, the island of Birsay was a viking stronghold offering safety and seclusion and gorgeous views.

2013-10-22 16.31.40
Here’s how it looks from the mainland at low tide. A slippery walk!
2013-10-22 16.31.49
Skies by Turner
2013-10-22 16.35.22
The stones piled up all over the island in situ
2013-10-22 16.43.26
The remnants of the viking homes; sheep still graze there.
2013-10-22 16.44.42
Surprising how much has survived the elements, let alone later visitors.
2013-10-22 16.45.20
What a view to wake to every morning, eh?
2013-10-22 16.49.52
The original pictish stone has been moved to a museum but this looks beautiful.
2013-10-22 17.21.53
I take far too many pictures of seaweed, bu I like how this looked like a hand coming up.
2013-10-22 17.21.59
The view to the next promontory south.
2013-10-22 17.38.35
The skies reminded me a bit of Galway, the western shores have that in common.

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