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High Plains Lazarus by KA Laity - 500Yeeha!

I’m allowed to use that because I have a Western coming out this week. Admittedly it’s a weird Western, but you wouldn’t expect any less of me, now would you? Some of you may be familiar with this story: now expanded into a stand alone novella. It still pokes at me to become the beginning of a novel instead — all in good time!

Dead folk are just about the last thing you want to see while wandering through the deserts of the great wild West. Things get a whole lot worse if they’re not the lying down kind of dead but the running around trying to take a bite out of you sort. Whatever’s got the corpses jumping is bound to spell a bad day for anyone unlucky enough to ride into town.

Out tomorrow from Tirgearr!

I read a bit from it when I was on the radio when I visited Dellani’s Tea Time with Eden Baylee and Meredith Skye. Lots of silliness ensued as well and it was great fun even though I did have a bit of a sore throat.


Do you like heavy metal bands that use Norse mythology for material? No? Well, then you’ll enjoy my write up of failed Viking metal band Ketlingr over at Pulp Metal Magazine. Hey, at the very least you must admire the dedication to the conceit that included making album cover art!


Check out my Inspirations play list of “Songs that Led to Stories” — no, don’t worry, it’s not all The Fall. It is kind of amazing to realise just how many song titles and lyrics I have swiped for story ideas. Even if I get them wrong a lot of the time. Misheard lyrics, always a rich vein to mine. I’m thinking of doing more video stuff — trailers or readings, maybe. What would you want to see?


Working on the next Hard-Boiled Witch required some research — by which I mean sitting in the Howff, soaking up the atmosphere and working out some practicalities. A hazy day: warm and misting: it gave my pictures an ethereal quality. I’m sort of using Dundee as the model for the city in the series, although it’s a rather different town in many respects — in part because I’m using old maps so things that are no longer part of the landscape show up. When the 2nd story comes out, there’ll be a special on the first. Keep an eye out for that!

And Saturday! LEICESTER COMIC CON – be there!

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    All exciting & good things! Yeeeehaw!

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