Out Now: Girl at the End of the World, Volume 1

Another Fox Spirit triumph and one very close to foxy hearts: the first volume of The Girl at the End of the World is out now! Before there was a Fox Spirit, there was UnBound, home of wild conversations about zombies and bug-out bags with Dana and Jack and all, which led to The Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse. That girl lives on in this volume — and so much more! Here’s the table of contents:

Volume 1

1,1 Antichristine James Bennett
1,1 Change of Address Rob Harkess
1,1 Coming Back Tracy Fahey
1,1 Skin James Oswald
1,1 The Borrowed Man James S Dorr
1,1 The End of the Garden Catherine Mann
1,1 The Ending Plague Andrew Reid
1,1 The Wife of Watsorous Nathan Lunt

1,2 A Sailor Girl Goes Ashore Margret Helgadottir
1,2 Blueprint for Redwings Ruth E J Booth
1,2 Demon Runner Dash Cooray
1,2 Little Daughter Dayna Ingram
1,2 Rolling in the Deep Cat Connor
1,2 Sophie and the Gate to Hell Carol Borden
1,2 The Glaciers Stone Alexander Danner
1,2 The Last Rushani Jonathan Ward

1,3 In the Absence John Perkins
1,3 Only So Far Adam Rodenberger
1,3 Saint Salima Alex Helm
1,3 Somebody to Play with Geraldine Clark Hellery
1,3 The Beast Within Christian D’Amico
1,3 Zompoc in Nashville (anonymous) discussed by Dr. K. A.Laity
1,3 All things Fall Chloe Yates

As you might guess, mine is a bit unusual. I analyse a handwritten sheet of lyrics and a scratchy recording found in the rubble after the apocalypse. Who wrote them? What could have prompted this outpouring — and did it make the charts?

Yes, volume two is coming! This girl has a future — though it might not be what you think…