The Drums of Fury Road


The late Layne Redmond, musician and scholar, put together the study When the Drummers were Women to explore the ancient connection with the instrument often seen as the embodiment of masculinity. In the clay and carvings, friezes and frescoes she discovered an ancient bond mostly overlooked or mislabeled by male curators (women with cake?!). In essence, the drum is an echo of our heartbeat, as Laurie Anderson literalized in ‘Sharkey’s Day’ and ‘Sharkey’s Night’ but with the rise of the regimented army, the drum was co-opted and romanticized as an instrument of the war machine.

guitar-imgThe first thing I said at the end of my belated viewing of Mad Max: Fury Road was ‘I have to have this soundtrack!’ Immortan Joe’s citadel runs to the beat of the drum….

Read the rest over at VexMosaic, your new home of deep thoughts about speculative fictions. If you haven’t already read it, check out my essay about medievalism and masculinity, related to what I wrote yesterday.

In other news, a good story well placed by my alter ego, and more news on that front as soon as they allow us to release it (cue bit champing over here). More translating of Hávamál (I keep forgetting to mention). Work getting done, ideas popping like corks, the only hard part it is to settle because of course I want to do all the things and there is never enough time and yet the best solution at time seems to be read a book — or as it always the case with me, read several at once because I am incapable of just doing one thing at a time (yes, that’s how I work too). Jamaica Inn at the moment taking top place, but several other things, too. Fiction, non-fiction, trying not to be too annoyed at things I see on social media (impossible, I know).


  1. Widdershins says:

    Ahh, the incomparable Kate Hepburn!!! 🙂

    Thank you for the Desert Mothers link.

    I wonder if George Miller envisioned the ‘Fury Road’ effect?

    … and Layne Redmond. 😀

    1. katelaity says:

      Did you see the interview by Anne Billson from 1985? I think he might have done.

      1. Widdershins says:

        I finally read it today .. thanks for the link 🙂 … I like what he says about yesterday’s heroes becoming tomorrow’s tyrants.

        I agree, he probably did, but had to wait until times changed, changed enough that Furiosa would be the hero of the movie and Max would be the sidekick.

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