Edge-Lit 4

2015-07-11 10.06.11
Yummy Fox Spirit treats!
2015-07-11 09.23.34
Feral Skulk Leader Adele and Mr Fox plotting
2015-07-11 10.35.06
GrimDark Panel
2015-07-11 12.27.46
Lunchtime is Launch Time
2015-07-11 12.27.54
I got so caught up in the readings that I forgot to take pictures, so this i the only picture of Alec as he helped sort out Fox Spirit biscuits
2015-07-11 12.28.27
I did get a photo of Jo looking nervous despite wearing the proper Skulk tee
2015-07-11 12.28.39
Quite the fancy spread
2015-07-11 12.28.51
A brisk business!
2015-07-11 13.21.29
Joanne Harris chats about Norse mythology and her inspiration for The Gospel of Loki
2015-07-11 14.30.07
Mr Fox and Daz, our editor supreme who makes us all look good.
2015-07-11 15.49.39
Minor zombie outbreak was quickly brought under control.
2015-07-11 17.14.03
The Short Story panel
2015-07-12 19.09.22
Then we headed back to chez Fox; Vince and Kat joined us on Sunday.
2015-07-12 19.07.17
Echo dreams of Fury Road (no puns allowed)
2015-07-13 15.14.27
Back to Scotland with a little Scott in Waverley Station.


  1. realthog says:

    But no pictures of your good self?

    1. katelaity says:

      Ah well, there was little interest in that sort of thing.

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