Magic & Moonlight

Drunk on the MoonThere’s a blue moon tonight: won’t be another for three years. If you can, get out there and howl a little. The full moon brings a little magic out in everyone — and maybe the wolf, too.

I have a piece up at the Cultural Gutter: Strange Men and Magic looks at my new obsession, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. I just finished reading the novel and have begun Susanna Clarke’s short story collection The Ladies of Grace Adieu. Wow, if someone had mentioned it’s illustrated by Charles Vess, I might had snapped it up faster. And I just got the blu-ray set because Mark read a review that said how much more you could see on the BR discs (oh god, the American version makes it look like a superhero film [insert moue of disgust]). I have a feeling I’m going to be writing more on this topic, perhaps in my History Witch columns — recent ones have been influenced by the series, like Disreputable Magic and The Great Conflation, though there’s also bee charms (who doesn’t love bees?). Also, the Gutter is currently running a fundraiser so they can pay their writers. If you have surreptitiously enjoyed their coverage of disreputable entertainment, cough up some money so they can continue to bring you the gold. I’ve ordered one of the sweet Gutterthon posters and I’ve donated a perk: genuine handwritten medieval charms! Donate: even $1 can help.

I *love* this image from topofthemuffin on tumblr! I want it in a poster. She’s also doing an amazing tarot set.

My alter ego has been reviewing: finally getting around to writing up Una Baines’ comics memoir I’ll Be Your Mirror which I highly recommend for anyone who likes stuff (music, Manchester, women, growing up, rebellious jukeboxes, etc.), and the doco It’s Not Repetition, It’s Discipline, which I recommend to people who are already Fall fans (the rest of you may find it a bit bizarre — then again, you to may become obsessed with the mad man, Mark E. Smith.

Oh, also I made a little tune.

Also check out The Neon Moon, the second collection of Roman Dalton tales. Mr B AKA Paul D. Brazill has put together a bunch of belters from folks like Matt Hilton, Vincent Zandri, Carrie Clevenger and many more. You will love this collection. I guarantee it with a howl of delight. But wait, as they say, there’s more — let me just whisper the title: The Neon Boneyard. All Brazill, all Dalton, plenty of bite. Out soon — I just have an early peek at it, so I can tell you, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


  1. Kemberlee says:

    Hoping it clears here in Oyerland! We usually always miss neat stuff happening in the sky. I hope you can see the blue moon where you are. If the atmosphere is right, it’s supposed to be blue, too.

    1. katelaity says:

      You never know here. We do get a lot of clouds, but fingers crossed!

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