Under a Blood Moon

The threatened clouds did not materialise so my last night as mistress of Brigadoon passed with an awesome sight indeed. The moon was so bright! Then it looked like someone started chomping it and then finally began to redden until it looked like spilled blood drying. And all the stars around it became clear again. Out in the countryside you can see the Milky Way distinctly, so it really glorious to watch all the stars shine that much brighter when the moon went dark. Owls hooted, dogs barked and now and then the donkeys brayed.

I didn’t bother to try to capture the moon with my phone, so here are some other images of this glorious place:

2015-09-26 12.04.49 2015-09-27 07.21.39 2015-09-27 07.22.272015-09-27 07.24.01 2015-09-27 07.25.45 2015-09-27 08.37.00 2015-09-27 08.37.07


  1. realthog says:

    Lucky you! We had complete cloud cover for the duration. As you can imagine, we said things like “drat” and “oh dear” and “heavens to Betsy” . . .

    1. katelaity says:

      Aw, pity! We were lucky. Couldn’t have been much clearer.

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