Write 4 a Day: Sunday 17 Apr

Write 4 a DayDon’t you deserve at least one day to write?

Write 4 a Day is a new series of monthly one-day writing retreats in upstate New York. While I shall be hosting the events, let me be clear that there is

  • no workshop
  • no agenda
  • no required activities
  • no assignments
  • no schedule
  • no WiFi

Write. Don’t write. Think. Daydream. Doodle. Outline. Come for the whole day or just for part of it; network, collaborate or write solo; wander the woods, hills, fields and streams of Universal Pathways for inspiration (bring sturdy shoes) or sit in a comfy chair and brainstorm. It’s up to you.

WHO – you!

WHY – because you deserve a day to devote to your writing (or daydreaming or sketching or scheming or knitting or…)

WHAT – $20 fee for the space (cash/check/PayPal) and food (a dish to share or your own lunch)

WHEN – Sunday April 17, 10am-5pm

WHERE – Universal Pathways, 692 Pleasant Valley Rd, Berne, NY 12023 – Phone: (518) 872-2272

Detailed directions:

90 west to exit 1S

20 west / Western Avenue to

146 west to

156 west to

254 / Pleasant Valley Road (the left turn just past the turn to East Berne)

Continue along past the stop sign at Barber Corners, around two bends to the right and then down into the valley; just past the Browne farm where there’s the big brown barn with quilts, look for the yellow house and garage on the right hand side that looks like this:

2015-09-20 08.52.45

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