Sounding Out Medieval


Have you ever wondered what the Middle Ages sounded like? I am obsessing over the idea lately, especially as it applies to magic. How wonderful then to be part of a series that has begun at Sounding Out, the Sound Studies blog. Thanks to the editors Dorothy Kim and Christopher Roman for putting together this fantastic collection.

I’m new to the discipline of Sound Studies. I have the ‘bible’ The Sound Studies Reader which I’m devouring. The presentation I gave at the Digital Britain Conference was my first tentative step in that direction and I got a lot of terrific experience working with Max Goldfarb on the ‘Home – Concept – Hudson’ piece.

See? You think I just do a bunch of weird stuff, but it all connects (at least in my head). I have so much to learn — which is so much fun!

Read the introduction here.

Read Chris’s piece on Richard Rolle here.

Coming soon:

“Playing the Medieval English Lyric” Dorothy Kim

“ ‘All their ioynts & properties’: Orthography and Sound in Early English Poetry” David Hadbawnik

“A Medieval Music Box: the Cantigas de Santa María as Sound Technology in the Age of Alfonso X” Marla Pagán-Mattos

“ ‘A Clateryng of Knokkes’: Multimodality and Performativity in ‘The Blacksmith’s Lament [VC1] ’” Katherine Jager

“The Sound of Magic” K.A. Laity

And there’s more — all the way into 2017! I have so much to learn, I can hardly wait.