Thoughts Right Now

Fifteen hundred years right here
Oh, burning witches, burning books
Burning babies in their looks
Yes, indeed
Burning everything that’s sacred in my genes

It’s a tough week for a lot of women you know, whether you know it or not. Maybe they’ve shared their horror stories with you: maybe you have some yourself. I hope you’re coping: if you’re not, I hope you can turn away from all this to take care of yourself. You deserve to thrive.

The week started off badly with news that Alex Hunt (@heykidzcomix) died unexpectedly. Only 37. Another startlingly intelligent, funny woman gone far too soon. In recent years one of the late night voices on Twitter that helped so much in living out of joint on this side of the pond. After the gutting sorrow came the anger: why should Alex be gone and these vicious old men live on, these sneering plunderers for whom too much is still never enough, who cannot be satisfied as long as someone else has something, anything, who despoil all they touch.

Anger is an energy. Let Artemesia show the way.

Artemesia Gentilieschi: Judith Beheading Holofernes