Sound Baths


singing bowls

Join me at Universal Pathways for the joy of a sound bath on Saturday, April 13th at 7pm.

What is a sound bath? It’s an ancient form of healing, a meditation without words, a way to access Deep Listening and a relief of the stress  your body holds onto every day without conscious attention.

Lie down if you can, or sit if it is more comfortable. Bring a blanket. Wear an eye mask or pillow to remove visual stimulus. Open yourself to the experience and listen without judgment to the singing bowls, rhythms, and chanting or toning. Your whole body will listen and respond as the sound moves through you.

No harsh discipline is required or structured practise, but the meditative state may awaken the desire to pursue deeper practices. Sound therapy has been employed since the ancient world: the goddess Inanna instructed her women to drum her back from the underworld. Pythagoras thought music helped us return to a universal harmony.

‘All of creation is a symphony of the Holy Spirit which is joy and jubilation.’
Hildegard of Bingen

Cost: $30

Reserve your space here.