Art in the Armoury NYC

Another fabulous day of shenanigans down in the city with my art-partner-in-crime the QoE Stephanie; the Wendy Norris Gallery had Carrington and Varo and an opportunity to see them up close without crowds (NYC was very quiet — corona panic, I guess). I was so intoxicated by being close to these works I think I took terrible shots otherwise. All the long shots are off-kilter. But oh! So close to these — and more of these two and Alice Rahon  in another booth, plus some other good things. A lot left me untouched: as Stephanie said, after looking at the rich intricacies of Carrington and Varo, other works just didn’t have the same resonance (or something to that effect — ha! I never remember things quite right).

More photos on the ‘book. My eyes and brain are full of these wonders. Sorcières!