Tainted Hearts & Dirty Hellhounds

The first Bristol Noir anthology

Pleased to have my Graham Wynd story ‘The Pick-Up’ in the first anthology from the fine folks at Bristol Noir. Tainted Hearts & Dirty Hell Hounds is just one of the two simultaneously released volumes. The second, Savage Minds & Raging Bulls, is just as packed with noir goodness — or is that badness?

Buy a copy today and immerse yourself in the shadows.


A collection of stories from some of the best new and established crime and dark fiction writers from around the world. All with a dose of noir and dirty realism.


Alpheus Williams, Andrew Davie, Anthony Neil Smith, B.F. Jones, Ben Newell, Blake Johnson, Bobby Mathews, C.W. Blackwell, Curtis Ippolito, David Tromblay, Don Stoll, F.J. Romano, Gabriel Hart, Graham Wynd, Ian Ayris, Jason Butkowski, J.B. Stevens, and John Bowie.

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