Surreal Noir 22 Sep 21

Surreal Noir logo by SL Johnson

The Equinox brings the monthly return of SURREAL NOIR at NoBounds Radio. This episode brings together another unlikely pair: Alice Rahon and Patricia Highsmith.

Alice Rahon: Painting for a Little Ghost Who Couldn’t Learn to Read, 1947
Pulpy version of Highsmith’s Strangers on a Train

This episode may sound a little different: cobbled together from the phone and recordings made in hasty moments when I could find a little quiet here at my dad’s. Not easy to create when you lack solitude so it’s back to finding it in spare moments. Frustrating but needs must.

In addition to readings from the novel and from Rahon’s poetry, there’s music from Nohe Noshe, Rachel Portman, Värttinä, Kayla Painter, Bishi, and the glorious drums of Ubaka Hill. Hope you enjoy!

Listen here, 20:30 BST/15:30 EDT.

UPDATE: Listen to the archive here.