Coming Soon: All Due Respect 2021

Anthology of 2021 stories from All Due Respect

Out February 18th: the 2021 collection of stories from All Due Respect, which includes my tale ‘Squid Lord’ which — wait for it — was inspired by a song from The Fall. Of course. Links when it is available for sale.

What’s the story about? A fellah who’s out of work, annoyed by his wife’s worship of a local minor celebrity chef, slow burn for revenge — and a dog. Gotta have a dog, right? Small time crime in a seaside town (seafood of course, that’s how the squid comes into it) until everything blows up…

Here’s a link to the song and below that, a link to the playlist of the many songs that have inspired stories for me — plus a couple songs my stories have inspired.

The Fall – Squid Lord (Peel Session) via YT
Playlist of songs that inspired stories, beginning with Belle & Sebastian’s Funny Little Frog