Tell It To the Bees


I looked up the other day: the air was full of bees! I tried to see where they were coming from but found instead where they were going to: this bush on the other side of the fence. It was absolutely astounding to see. I kept my distance but I couldn’t stop staring. All the folklore of bees came to mind and it was truly magic.

I was relieved that both dad and the next door neighbour had been out mowing all weekend so at least they would not be disturbed. Knowing I know people who know these things, I asked on the ‘book and was rewarded with everything I needed to know about swarming. Somewhere in that buzz of wings was the queen, carefully protected. Given the exposed location, it was likely a way station on the search for a new hive. I would eagerly take a peek at them whenever I went out to throw the frisbee for the dog.

Sure enough a few days later, they began to depart:

There was very little to mark their visit, save a few cells of beeswax where food — and the queen? — were held. I took a sprig from the bush to save. A real marvel. Such a delight!