Joik, Gloria’s Call & Leonora’s Journey

Link to the Biennale video featuring Ánde Somby, Gloria Orenstein & Susanne Christensen

I am still catching up on things amidst a mad week (hopefully the last for a while) but I wanted to be sure to post this video from the Biennale mostly so I can find it easily to watch again. It features Sámi noadi Ánde Somby — I just love his modern four winds hat which is pink leopard print added to a baseball cap! — and Christensen who has written on following the journey of Leonora, and Gloria Orenstein who is not only a scholar of surrealism and goddess traditions, but became friends with Leonora and later went to Sápmi to study with with a shamanka there. I’m not sure the audience got Ánde’s sense of humour when he mentioned spring in the north lasting exactly seven minutes, but the joik he sang for the mosquito was funny and profound. It’s always a delight to see the short film Gloria’s Call but even more so to have her speak in more detail about her relationship with Leonora and studies in shamanism. I want to get Christensen’s book — perhaps an English version forthcoming? My (modern) Norwegian is not strong but I can probably work my way through it. The final joik Ánde performed broke my heart in a good way.

Poster for the film Gloria’s Call (more info at