Surreal Noir: 14 Sep 22

The fab Penny Pop Eye Pantaloon logo for Surreal Noir by the QoE, SL Johnson

Tonight’s episode was inspired by seeing Loving Highsmith, so I chose to read at random from Patricia Highsmith’s diaries and journals. Her cahiers (as she always called them) came in two flavours: daily recaps of what she had done and where she had gone and how she felt about it all, and in the more secretive journals philosophical musings, agonies about her craft, and fears about her development as a writer — often using the diary material as fodder. As the late Joan Schenkar emphasized, Highsmith had a tendency to set murders in her books at locations where she had met lovers.

Music comes from Organza Ray, the new project from Hilary Jeffery and Eleni Poulou. ‘They are connecting pathways of knowledge through sound, discovering shimmering entrances and underwater arches. 400 years of long notes, open bags and dancing butterfly blues.’ There’s a track from NoHe NoShe at the very end. They’ve got a third track out now, but too late to work it into the show.

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