Surreal Noir is back!

The fab Penny Pop Eye Pantaloon logo for Surreal Noir by the QoE, SL Johnson

Back from our summer break it’s SURREAL NOIR crossing your airwaves once more at No Bounds Radio. Another jam-packed episode airs tonight, this time skewing more noir than surreal as most of the recent episodes have veered the other way.

Tonight’s episode dwells on Letty Lynton, which you may recall is a film, a novel by Marie Belloc Lownds and — gasp! — an early 20th century true crime story as well as a 19th century crime. The names have been changed to protect the innocent as they used to say on Dragnet and if you read the previous blog posts, you know that’s not all they changed. Bonus: there’s also the Letty Lynton dress!

Music comes from Make Noise who just put out a fascinating collection from a great variety of artists who all made the music with Strega, one of their flagship instruments. Yes, I am still in the midst of learning modular synth patching because I just don’t have enough to do (you know that is not true) and as I begin to plan an ideal rack this is one of the instruments I’ve got on my wish list. I mean, how could I resist that witchy name? But also Make Noise has a terrific line of interesting instruments. This one was inspired and co-created by Alessandro Cortini.

Here’s a video of Sarah Belle Reid demonstrating the Strega (I’m taking a course with her).

Sarah Belle Reid runs the Make Noise Strega through its paces
Live 2130 BST/ 1630 EST

UPDATE: Listen to the archived show.