Surreal Noir: 17 May 22

Surreal Noir logo by SL Johnson

Tonight, it’s SURREAL NOIR at NoBounds Radio.

Episode Ten: Last episode was so talky I decided to double the listening pleasure this time around. Deep Listening from the 21st century back to the 14th—immersive sound to stop time and feed your ears!

Musical selections include:

Pauline Oliveros: Big Slow Bog (Mills Tape Center 1966-7) — Reverberations.

Olga Wojciechowska: Labyrinth Made of Labyrinths — Unseen Traces

Laura Cannell: Unlocking Rituals 1) In a Falling Shadow 2) Locked in My Bones 3) Lay Down by the Golden Reeds 4) Through Barley Fields and Hollows

Listen here, 21:00 UK/17:00 NY. Don’t forget to check out the full slate of shows that NoBounds hosts!

It will join the others here afterward: Listen on the archive — and don’t forget there’s a live NoBounds event in London, June 16th at the Ivy House! It will include live performances/readings and DJ sets.

NoBounds Live in London June 16 at the Ivy House