A Christmas Story: Soot

Fox Spirit revives the Christmas ghost story tradition with my tale ‘Soot’ today. Pop on over and give it a read. Have a spooky holiday!

Con-Eire FREE!

In honour of SFF con season, my short play Con-Eire from today through Thursday will be completely FREE! It’s appropriate for this season as it’s a love letter to the hard-working folks behind the scenes putting the madness all together: It’s three days before the start of Con-Eire, the best Irish-themed science fiction and fantasy…

At the McManus

The Beano takes over museum, but there’s also a portraits show on and of course old favourites — possibly obsessing a little too much about Duncan‘s Riders, but there it is.  

Charcoal Burners, Black Sails & Magic

Admittedly I’ve not left the house since I got here, but don’t let my indolence fool you! I am ready to rise to the opportunity and sure enough, I will be. Thanks to Cailleach’s Herbarium mentioning it on Facebook, I got on the waitlist and now have ticket in hand to attend ‘The Supernatural in…