City Pirates

Last week Bertie and I headed down to the city to see The Pirates of Penzance at City Center. He had meetings so we really just ran down for dinner and the show, but the nice thing is you can do that from here. As always, click the pictures to embiggen.

TOA/V: Tonebanks, Autumn Stones & Black Sails

Catching up with a vengeance! I’m getting my photos together for the write up of my Switzerland sojourn with the lovely Yateses (happy anniversary!), but first some overdue mentions of music you should check out. THE TONEBANKS I’ve written in praise of the music of Julie Beman before. With her new band The Tonebanks she’s…

Talk Like a Pirate, Ye Scallywag!

Arrr! Grab yer cutlass and sing a chantey, it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Practice your grimace and your salty sea metaphors. Let Penguin Wrangler Allan and PCB lead you in the swashbuckle cheer!

Cheese & Pirates

What do cheese and pirates have in common? Both are salty! Okay, maybe that’s not a very good joke. Sue me! I don’t know why cheese and pockets and pirates became so important to The Mangrove Legacy but as I go through the line edits for the new edition (yes, I know it was edited…

Out Now: Piracy!

Fox Spirit is delighted to announce the release of the first Fox Pocket Piracy. These are small but perfectly formed collections of stories by a den full of talented writers put together by Fox Spirit books for your enjoyment. The stories are flash fiction, giving the reader bite sized introductions to Fox Spirit and the…

Happy Birthday, George

Still missing my favourite gardener. Rest with peace in the mysteries, Mr Harrison. Your music will continue to bring joy to many. Bless you, Pirate Bob [and no, not a bit like Cagney].               …and on and on and on! What’s your fave George song?