City Pirates

Last week Bertie and I headed down to the city to see The Pirates of Penzance at City Center. He had meetings so we really just ran down for dinner and the show, but the nice thing is you can do that from here. As always, click the pictures to embiggen.

2015-10-15 14.08.40
Ah, Poughkeepsie; not a bit like Popeye Doyle said.
2015-10-15 14.18.45
Shhh, don’t tell Bertie I took a picture of him.
2015-10-15 16.45.03
Swiss chocolates in Grand Central – free samples!
2015-10-15 17.04.23
The city is full of fairies #fact.
2015-10-15 17.09.32
Huge billboards for Crimson Peak.
2015-10-15 17.11.23
Celtic Pub for Mark 🙂
2015-10-15 17.19.41
At Ruby Foo’s: the waiter looked only at Bertie, I thought perhaps I’d become invisible again.
2015-10-15 18.27.36
I haven’t heard much about it, but it’s Pan so I’ll doubtless see it.
2015-10-15 18.27.56
There he is.
2015-10-15 18.45.05
We wandered around between dinner and the show; over near Columbus Circle the sky just looked velvety.
2015-10-15 18.56.20
Chihuly-spawned jellyfish.
2015-10-15 18.56.30
The octopus was particularly delightful.
2015-10-15 19.03.40
Old NY is still there.
2015-10-15 19.48.30
Sometimes it’s all a bit hazy around City Center.
2015-10-15 19.48.59
Semi-staged with choir. Terrific cast! Phillip Boykin played the Pirate King with great verve, Deborah Voigt absolutely winning, Julia Undine wowed as Mabel (what a voice!), Hunter Parrish sings quite well and made Frederic charming, and Douglas Hodge! I associate him with such serious roles but he was hilarious as the Major General.
2015-10-15 19.53.44
Monty Python played here. I could feel the vibrations of laughter still there.
2015-10-15 19.54.03
My crap phone takes odd pictures. Sometimes in a good way.
2015-10-15 19.54.19
Yes, we were in the front row. The percussionist was not credited in the program and yet he clowned delightfully with Frederic. Percussionists rule!
2015-10-15 12.25.42
October roses and yet it snowed the other day. Take the magic where you can find it.


  1. Col says:

    Give three cheers, and one cheer more!

    1. katelaity says:

      And sail away on the Pinafore!

  2. S.L. Johnson says:

    I believe I have had vittles at that very same Ruby Foo’s!

    1. katelaity says:

      Did the waiter acknowledge your existence?

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