Jiggety Jig

Home again — and what lovely weather! Got Gene’s byzantine tangle of cords sorted out and plugged in so I have internet. Now it’s off to FedEx to send Gene some of his medication, if Kipper will let go of me long enough.

Oooh — Horrifying Sex is here. Paperback — and I thought it was only hardcover.

Even better — a Hello Kitty guitar pick! Thanks, Marko!


  1. Gene K. says:

    Gene’s byzantine tangle of cordsI prefer the description “a confused mass” of cords, thenkyewveddymoch.And congratulations on the book, finally! Is that the aroma of a fine shampagnee I detect…?

  2. Chuckie58 says:

    We’re happy to be home as well, but we do kinda miss the air conditioning. It’s not as hot as NC, but it IS a tad warm. The kitties are happy, the wildlife is turning up in droves (turkeys, deer (with fawns) and a gray cat with eyes that look pure white from a distance – Birdie was NOT happy when I said maybe it was a zombie cat).I hope y’all get everything together soon.

  3. K. A. Laity says:

    No shampagnee without my sweetie!Zombie cat! Zombie cat! Fawns — unbearably cute, aren’t they? We saw a couple on the way to the airport (the first time).

  4. Chuckie58 says:

    These little beauties are living on the property with mom, and we’ve been close enough to them a couple of times to clearly see the spots on their little rump. The turkey parents are fairly prolific – we counted at least 14 chicks last night.The zombie cat was new, so we’re not sure we’ll see him again. Maybe if we leave some brains…

  5. Braaaaaiiinnnsss….meow.

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