Jane Quiet

The ever fabulous Elena Steier has put up the first pages of our joint project Jane Quiet on her blog for the Goth Scouts. This came about because I thought it would be great to do a comic with Elena (I’m surrounded by all these wonderfully talented people, why not make better use of them? Hence the chapbooks with Joey and the QOE). She wanted to do one without word balloons and mentioned liking the John Silence stories of Algernon Blackwood, so I ran with that to make Jane Quiet (har har), a wordless comic.

Oh, she also asked for a super gnarly monster, so I made one of those too.

She’s going to preview it on line, so stop by to see that (and her hilarious Goth Scout adventures, too). It’s a different kind of writing and a fun challenge to convey the story solely through images. I have read comics scripts before — mostly ones by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, so not your typical examples, I suppose. But who wants to be normal? I can’t wait to see what it looks like — that’s the fun part of collaboration.