Art, Social Media & Horror

2013-04-02 19.36.16You’ve got three chances to catch me this week (assuming you’re not one of my students, then you’ve got a few more). Monday night I’ll be at the opening reception for the “Text as Art” exhibit at the Arts Center of the Capital Region. I’ll have a chance to talk about my mixed media piece “5¢ per Word” which reflects upon the poor pay of writers in the 21st century. The Center is in Troy (near Dinosaur BBQ!) and the reception begins at 7. Drop by and take a swig of some gallery opening wine.

Wednesday night I’ll be talking at the Albany Public Library, also at 7pm. My topic is “Social Media & Writers in the Digital Age: how have Facebook, Twitter, and such changed the life of the writer in the 21st century?” I’ll talk a bit about some of the things I researched during my Fulbright and experiences since then — after all, the world of social media hasn’t slowed down any. I’ll also be reading from some of my own writing. I haven’t decided what yet, so if you have a request be sure to let me know before then!

On Saturday I head over to Worcester and Annie’s Book Stop, where I’ll be part of the Dark Carnival of Authors with some of my fellow Broads from the New England chapter of Broad Universe.  The event starts at 11am and goes until 9pm: I’ll be reading about 1pm. Most likely I’ll read something from Unquiet Dreams although since I managed to make Worcester glamourous in Owl Stretching, maybe I’ll read a little bit from that.

By the by, have you seen the latest meditation on Hávamál?