On the Road Again

2014-12-14 19.54.46

Nu är det jul igen!

Yes, I am Scotland bound once more, arriving in Dundee for my birthday tomorrow by way of Dublin and Edinburgh. Bertie and I got a tree this weekend from the farm around the corner and decorated it while watching Fanny & Alexander in accordance with tradition. There was some akvavit and monster king crab legs, too. Yum!

I expect to arrive jetlagged but happy to be spending my birthday with loved ones I have been away from far too long. Who knows? I may even get to all the things I should have done a while ago but was too crazy busy to do. Or not. I may just play video games, watch movies and sing along with “Let It Go” a few more thousand times with a certain four year old.

It doesn’t really matter. I do my best to enjoy where I am all the time, but it’s easier to do when it’s somewhere you long to be and with the ones you love. May you all be with the ones you love at this dark time of year. And if you want to wish me a happy birthday tomorrow? I don’t need expensive gifts or grand gestures, but I could always use some reviews. If you don’t have time for that, please consider sharing links to my stories (yes, even the freebies!) on social media. Every bit helps my little voice to be heard in the cacophony.

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  1. Happy birthday! Have fun in Scotland, and say hello to it from me. I’m hoping it’ll not be too long before I visit my relatives there again — been a while.

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