Out Now: Two Minutes Left

Out now for FREE download from Linear Obsessional Recordings:

“Two Minutes Left” contains 87 tracks by a wide spectrum artists – each track exactly two minutes long and using a microphone in their creation. Free Download only- including a 25 page PDF booklet of notes and images. Happy Christmas and thanks for all your support!

Includes my crazy attempt to be a Deutscher chanteuse, “Kinski Butterfly” (click that link for the story behind it). I can hardly believe I did this. Thanks to Richard Sanderson for being such a terrific wrangler and irrepressible experimenter (and doubtless a member of my karass). Check out all the cool and experimental music at LOR, including last year’s Button Box, which I was also able to be part of 🙂 — listed under things I never thought I’d do!

Always do the things that frighten you!

In the accompanying booklet (chock full of atmospheric photography), Richard writes:

I really am delighted with this compilation, it seems to me to be ultimately a celebration of being human, and a celebration of friendship and collaboration.

Oh yes.

Behind the bar!
Behind the Kinski bar!