Through the Mists

2015-09-12 06.48.01
Dawn breaks and the mists are heavy.
2015-09-12 07.00.24
2015-09-12 06.48.31
The barn seems distant.
2015-09-12 07.23.10
The warmth burns it away, eventually.
2015-09-12 07.23.03
Soon it will be frost not dew.
2015-09-12 07.06.08
Lifting right off the pond’s surface.
2015-09-12 09.18.52
Saturday I had some visitors, we ate from the Orkney crockery and, yes,  I actually made the lunch. All kinds of unexpected things…

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  1. Widdershins says:

    I love the sense of the unknown when water is shrouded in mist. One could end up anywhere, even Avalon. 🙂

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