Murderous March (16 Mar 2019)

Mavens of MayhemMavens of Mayhem present

Murderous March

Saturday, March 16th, 10 AM – 4:30 PM

Do the math:

2 guest speakers + 6.5 hours FREE crime writing content

+ 17 writers + $10 catered lunch+book sales/signing 

= 1 criminally great day

Registration opens at 10:00 AM Pre-Register Now (highly advised!)

Program runs from 10:15 AM to 4:30 PM

Boxed lunch by B-Rad Executive Caterers, with V & GF options, $10 (cash) 

Mysteries on Main Street will sell presenters’ books for signing.

Raffles of Fan and Writers prizes!!!

Keynote Address:   Writers and their Rituals, by Vicki Delany. 

Midday discussion: Breaking and Entering… Into the Field, with Vicki Delany and Edwin Hill.


AM choice A    Conferences, Seminars & Retreats: The Value of Gathering

AM choice B    The Place of Place in Crime Writing (includes me!)

PM choice A    Getting Cozy with Murder

PM choice B    At the Scene of the Crime  

Post-Mortem, prizes and book signings to follow.

See the entire program on PDF