Listen Now: Surreal Noir 25 Aug 21

After a brief delay the August program has been archived:

Surreal portraiture—Muse or artist? Can you fall in love with a picture? Can you fall in love with someone from a picture? What about sel-portrait? How do you conjure the image of yourself? How much do you reveal? How much do you hide? The image of women in much of recorded history has so often been through the male gaze, defining women according to what value they were to him. How do women see/draw/paint/write themselves and for whom?


Old Boyfriends: Crystal Gale, One from the Heart

I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend: Petty Booka, Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian

Trouble in Mind: Odetta, Best of

Fear Not: Ulla Suokko, Bridge of Light

Vallåtar från Gammelboning (Herding Calls from Gammelboning, Sweden): Susanne Rosenberg, Wizard Women of the North

Manaus: Tellu, Wizard Women of the North

Sunny Side Down: Lys Guillorn, Sunny Side Down EP


Laura: Vera Caspary

Surrealist Women’s Writing: A Critical Exploration: ed. Anna Watz 

Leonor Fini Catalogue Raisonné of Oil Paintings: eds. Richard Overstreet & Neil Zukerman

Shirley: Charlotte Brontë