51%: Witches

The lovely cover of the newest Taschen volume in the Library of Esoterica, WITCHCRAFT, edited by Jessica Hundley and Pam Grossman, out this month.

No, I’m not claiming 51% of the population is witches — would that it were! — rather I am one of the folks interviewed on the timely edition of this venerable radio program 51%. Host Jesse King interviewed me along with Pam Grossman (readers of this blog will be well familiar with the host of the WitchWave Podcast and co-wrangler with Jesse Brandford of the Occult Humanities Conference) and Massachusetts State Senator Diana DiZoglio.

The write-up:

On this week’s 51%, it’s witching hour. We speak with a Massachusetts state senator about a bill to exonerate a woman convicted during the Salem witch trials. Author Kate Laity teaches us about the history of magic, and we also speak with author and podcaster Pam Grossman about modern witchcraft, and why witches are a feminist icon.

Listen here.