Surreal Noir: 20 Oct 21

Surreal Noir logo by SL Johnson

Coming up on the spooky holidays, it’s SURREAL NOIR at NoBounds Radio. This episode brings together a surprisingly apt pair: Dorothy B. Hughes’ Ride the Pink Horse and Dorothea Tanning’s memoir Between Lives.

Dorothy Hughes’ desert noir

What brings together two such unlikely texts? Chicago gangsters! Yes, really. How so? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out. I’ll give you another hint: I wrote about the novel recently for The Cultural Gutter (who get a shout-out) about the folk horror elements in the story.

In addition to readings from both books, there’s music from Annikki Tähti, Amy Winehouse, Catherine Bott, The Flash Girls, Sylvie Simmons and a seasonal tune from Tori Amos. Hope you enjoy!

Listen here, 20:00 BST/15:00 EDT.

UPDATE: Listen to the archived version here.