Surrealism Beyond Borders

The entrance to SURREALISM BEYOND BORDERS at the Met
Detail of Max Ernst’s Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale (Deux Enfants sont menacés par un rossignol) 1924
Detail of Dorothea Tanning’s Eine Kleine Nacht Musik, 1943
Detail of Carrington’s 1938 Self-Portrait

Somehow I managed not to post about the fantastic exhibit at the Met, Surrealism Beyond Borders, even though now I have seen it twice and could go back again in a heart beat. I did upload some two or three hundred photos to FB so if you’re over there, you probably saw it. It’s so constant in my head, I feel as if I talk about it non-stop. The joy of seeing some of these long-loved paintings up SO CLOSE and finding many new faves like Skunder Boghossian.

This second time (last week) I got to go with Stephanie, so it was even better to share the experience and spend all that time in wordless communication of amazement (‘Ah’ *points* *gasps* ‘Oooh!’). To see some faves and make some new acquaintances and to get up close to ones you’ve only ever seen in photos. And yes, pals afar, it will travel! Next the Tate Mod.

And look: together for the first time since they were last exhibited: Varo’s triptych. And Rahon! And Colqhoun! And Cahun! And Deren — and so much. If you can’t go, enjoy the virtual visit.

Varo’s triptych together again and glorious.
Rahon: La balada para Frida Kahlo, 1956

I will probably say more about this when I have a minute altogether…