An English Professor in New York

New York Style

Yeah, got that song in your head now? (or this one?) Good.

I headed down to the city — and when you live in this state, there’s no confusion about what you mean when you say that. New York City casts a bit of a shadow over the rest of the state. Oh, believe me there are plenty of riches beyond that crowded piece of real estate, but when you say ‘New York’ — well. People assume.

My mission was to appear at the Broad Universe Sampler Launch at Singularity & Co, but when you have an excuse to go to NYC, you try to do a little more. Things were complicated by the death of my car Orca this week (>_<) so I had to prevail upon Bertie to give me a ride, which meant working around the demands on his time, too. I managed to work out arrangements with my Twitter pal, Dora, who came along to the reading too, which was a big help because setting sail for Brooklyn without a passport can be an experience.

My trip was full of NY moments, from the guy on the train, lounging shirtless across two seats with his eyeshades on — unlike the guy two rows back who was snoring on oblivious to all. Mr Shirtless had the chutzpah to give me the stink-eye for coughing, turning around and lifting his sleep mask to do so.

But you know how it is; I took a subway uptown, heard some buskers on tuba and cornet(?) play “Take on Me” and had some hot & sour soup to help my cough. Spotted the above NYer on Fifth Ave. Something about a fur coat with Docs and those toothpick legs! Then headed over to MoMA — so many things to see there. Here’s a few:

My man of the abstractness
MoMA lets you take pix which is nice
Where do you hang a Nauman?
A lot of people were here to see this —
— but I prefer this one: The Vampire. While best known for his morbid paintings, you’d be surprised to hear that Munch was actually fond of puns and practical jokes. That japester!
A little Frida for Ale
I have come to really love the Design section; there was a Goldfinger exhibit newly added, but I think I’ll give that a post of its own.
Little things remind me of…
At Singularity & Co — hmmm, wonder if I could find a place to put this?

The reading went well despite my having the consumptive cough; what a great bookstore! And what a great bunch of folks from the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers and performers. I felt like a rat having to leave early, but the complexities of transport made it necessary. I love doing readings and attending them — it’s great doing them as a group especially. Wonderful!


  1. SL Johnson says:

    I much prefer Munch’s prints….he constructed some by cutting the pieces out like a jigsaw puzzle, inking them separately, then re-assembling them for printing.

    1. katelaity says:

      Oooh, that’s cool. They had some there. I liked them.

  2. Dora says:

    Wow you’re quick! what time did you get up this morning to write this post, twitter and etc. ? i guess this is a mark of a true writing professional (which i am most definitely not, though I’m working hard at it). if i were to write a post of my wonderful experience last night, i’d probably still be laboring over it. anyhoo, thanks so much for meeting me and inviting me along. the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers were wonderful and now that i know where they are I’ll be attending more of their functions and i might even join their writing group, if they’ll have me. Thanks for mentioning me and I hope we can do it again!

    1. katelaity says:

      Dora, it was great to meet F2F. I don’t tend to labour much over blog posts, just whip them out — and then go back and fix all the typos and awkward phrasings when I see them (>_<). But that's after nearly nine years of blogging. Keep plugging along, enjoying what you do and it’s amazing how much you improve over time. I know it’s done so for me.

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