The Big Trek

2016-05-22 14.22.06

Back to Scotland: the big trek is even bigger this time around. Albany to Philly to Manchester then Edinburgh where I’ll catch the train to Dundee. Depending on how timing works, I will either catch up with my family at Granddad’s or back at the house. As usual, I’m still packing.  It’s been so hot here in NY that I have to remind myself it’s going to be (gloriously) cooler in Dundee. Hurrah 🙂 It’s been a taxing year. Happy to escape.

7 thoughts on “The Big Trek

  1. Have a great time. It was because of one of your posts, a few years back, that I went to see the Italian Chapel when I visited the Orkneys. It was very moving, and beautifully done. Thanks.

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